About Us

Our library is located in the Savanna School, and shares a space with the school library. The school and municipal libraries are separate operations, there is a need for mutual support and the sharing of resources whenever possible this creates a win-win situation for both parties. Your input is welcome at any time, we will work which you to improve our library and to better serve our community.

Your Savanna Municipal Library TAL Card entitles you to:
Free library membership to patrons within our boundaries
Free super net access
Printing, photocopying
Access to 15 million items in over 230 Alberta libraries

Annual Membership Fees
 There is no annual fee for our library cards
Loan Periods
DVDs, Blu-rays and Special Collections 14 days
TV Shows 14 days
All Other Library Materials 3 Weeks

Overdue Fees on
Print Material, DVDs, Music CDs
and Books on CD  is $0.75/day

Non-Residents (live outside Saddle Hills County, but still within Peace Library System) - 

Cost: SINGLE -  $12.00 / year  or  FAMILY - $20.00 / year
-non-residents are simply registered at Savanna Municipal Library, and still have the same access to resources as residents, click the link below for more information: